Af Gam Elite was formed in 2019 by Founder & CEO, Keith Hathaway with the aim of being Africa’s first full-service consultancy, with a sole focus on all areas of the gambling industry in Africa.

But things have taken a twist in recent times, meaning Af Gam Elite is getting busy in the world of Recruitment! Af Gam Elite Founder & CEO Keith Hathaway explains a bit more.

It Wasn't Meant To Be This way!

It Wasn't Meant To Be This way!

But we will take it

Af Gam Elite was set up, and still is, the leading full service consultancy for online gambling in Africa. But recent times suggest Af Gam Elite can also be considered one of the leading Recruitment Consultancies in Africa for Online Gambling.

We do not hire (so far) specific Recruitment Consultants, but we know our business, we know our markets and we often enough know out candidates. Not to mention are fee’s are usually significantly cheaper standard Recruitment Consultancies. 

So not only will we take it, more and more, our clients are taking it too!

At the moment we have open vacancies for a Head or Marketing, a Marketing Manager, a Country Manager, multiple open tech roles for Devs, Graphic Designers, and a CFO. 

We will generally recruit Customer Service Agents for FREE to clients, and we do not “recruit” freelancers. Hmmmm, we are a consultancy so if you want freelancers, hello, we are here!

There are no plans to move away from out core business or helping gambling companies in Africa, in a whole host of ways that you will all know about already. This will remain our core. Licenses, Brokering, Operations, Marketing and more.

But times a tough, but we are lucky and a phrase often used in my homeland of the UK, “Never look a gift Horse in the mouth” works for me here! 

So get in touch if you have any open roles. Or of course, if you would like any help in Africa. We are the only Full Service Consultancy specialising in Africa and full service just got a bit more full!

For all your Recruitment needs in Online Gambling, specifically in Africa, please contact us at [email protected]

Keith was key to us bringing our new product and brand to market. Managing the launch, branding, media, and agencies.

Keith was also a key part of the operational team for several months fully integrating himself in not just the company but the culture and country too.


Operations Lead, Ugandan Games of Chance Operator

Keith was key to us turning around performance in a tough and competitive market.

Keith created our affiliate program, and evolved our digital marketing strategy as well as being a valuable part of our operational and leadership team during a period of great change.


Director, Ghanaian Sportsbook Director

Keith has been truly helpful for us in the process of starting a business in Africa. Our site would not have been the same without his knowledge. We can truly recommend him to anyone trying to do business in Africa.


Kenyan SEO Affiliate

Mission Statement

“To support and develop businesses and individuals in all areas of Online Gambling within the African continent. Ensuring at all times that working practices are entirely ethical, respectful, and culturally aware”.