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Sportsbetting operation available in Kenya, on the FSB gaming platform. A sizable database and bespoke front end, with full payment integrations and paybills currently active. A plug and play route to Kenya.

Asking: $300,000 USD 


An existing license that is dormant at the monent but has been audited as without any tax debt. A very quick route to a difficult and complicated market for new license applications.

 Asking: $300,000 USD


A numbers and game of chance company fully licensed in Tanzania. Active for multiple years with significant multi million player database with significant active players daily. Full integrations and and platform services as part of the transaction.

Asking: Confidential – NDA Required

Ivory Coast

A maginificant opportinity to own one of just 5 government issued Sports betting licenses within this established terrotiry. This is a unique opportunity due to the fact that only 5 licenses are in exisitance in the country.

 Asking: Confidential – NDA Required


A brokering fee of  not less than 10% will be levied on all sales and acquisitons brokered by African Gambling Elite, unless otherwise agreed or negotiated. A retainer may also be requested in certain cases, on a case by case basis.

New License Applications

The team at African Gambling Elite can secure a license in any of the below territories within Africa. These are countries where a license can be security swiftl;y and with trusted third parties, with the prices as accurate as possible, and excluding any fees charged to African Gambling Elite. 

Kenya – 6-8 Weeks – From $90,000 USD
Tanzania – 6 Weeks – From $100,000 USD
Uganda – 13 Weeks – From $50,000 USD + $135,000 USD Security Bond
Zambia – 8 Weeks – From $75,000 USD
Ghana – 16 Weeks – From $250,000 USD
Nigeria (National online) – 26 Weeks – From $130,000 USD
Ethiopia – 6 Weeks – From $250,000 USD
Malawi – 8 Weeks – From $75,000 USD


African Gambling Elite has vast experience of helping clients, both governments and private companies in setting up lotteries. These can be state run National Lotteries, private “numbers games” or Public Private partnerships.

African Gambling Elite will help with licensing and legislation, as well as platform and payment solutiions. Experience in the following countries:

This is just a sample of what African Gambling Elite can help you with in the African Gambling Marketplace, be it as an investor, a vendor or anything in between. No country is out of bounds, albeit we are far more experienced in certain countries. 

Please email [email protected] for any information and to see where we can help.