Af Gam Elite was formed in 2019 by Founder & CEO, Keith Hathaway with the aim of being Africa’s first full-service consultancy, with a sole focus on all areas of the gambling industry in Africa.

Every member of the team has vast experience in not just the Online Gambling sphere, but also retail and brick and mortar casino operations. The whole team at Af Gam Elite has extensive experience within and are specialists in African markets.

So maybe you need some research or a feasibility report to see if Africa is right for your company? You need some help with Marketing, of any kind? You need some Project Management help? You want to work on Business Development in Africa and need someone with contacts or who is on the ground? Help Recruiting or Headhunting your own African Dream Team?

These are just some of the ways Af Gam Elite can help you, as African’s true full-service Online Gambling Consulatncy.

Keith Hathaway

Keith Hathaway

Founder & CEO

 Keith is a veteran of the Online Gambling world, having first got involved in 2003. Since 2016 Keith has been solely focussing on the African continent.

First going to Africa in a Head of Marketing position for a Sports and Games of Change operator who had activity in 9 African countries. Also having the position of CMO with another operator, Keith is one of the most experienced minds in terms of marketing in African Online Gambling. Having run both online, offline and BTL campaigns. These include launch events, plans, media capaigns, TVCs and extensive work with both leading and local marketing agencies.

Keith was also General and Operations Manager at a Sportsbook and Games of Chance in Uganda, including a new product launch, through to being part of the team that helped to take the National Lottery online in Ghana during early to mid 2019.

Keith has lived in 4 African countries, both East and West, and has a passion for all things related to this magical continent.

Keith founded Af Gam Elite with the idea to use his unrivaled “Little Black Book” of contacts within sub-Saharan Africa, as well as sharing and developing his marketing, operational, and project management skills to a new level for clients who share that passion for Africa.

Keith was key to us bringing our new product and brand to market. Managing the launch, branding, media, and agencies.

Keith was also a key part of the operational team for several months fully integrating himself in not just the company but the culture and country too.


Operations Lead, Ugandan Games of Chance Operator

Keith was key to us turning around performance in a tough and competitive market.

Keith created our affiliate program, and evolved our digital marketing strategy as well as being a valuable part of our operational and leadership team during a period of great change.


Director, Ghanaian Sportsbook Director

Keith has been truly helpful for us in the process of starting a business in Africa. Our site would not have been the same without his knowledge. We can truly recommend him to anyone trying to do business in Africa.


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Mission Statement

“To support and develop businesses and individuals in all areas of Online Gambling within the African continent. Ensuring at all times that working practices are entirely ethical, respectful, and culturally aware”.